Time Management – The Pomodoro Technique

This isn’t a programming post but it is something that is important to developers: time management.

It can be difficult to “get in the zone” and stay there for a length of time because of general distractions in the office – phone/email/IM/etc. Some things are out of your control but I have found a time management method that works quite well when I am tackling larger tasks and not putting out fires: the Pomodoro Technique.

Basically, the Pomodoro Technique is breaking up your work into 25 minute coding blocks that are separated by 5 minute breaks. After 4 of those 25 minute “pomodori” blocks of work you take a longer 15 minute break. I use the term “break” pretty loosely because I generally take that time to check email and IM and respond to anything that needs my attention.

This doesn’t work EVERY day – some days you are jumping around to many small tasks and can’t take advantage of it, or there’s a lot of email or IM activity that you need to be a part of. But, when you are working on tasks and can temporarily limit communication distractions I have found this regular cycle of uninterrupted work followed by dedicated time for email to be a surprisingly productive idea (considering how simple it is).

There are a variety of timers available for absolutely everything (you can give it a go right from your browser with a site like Tomato Timer). However, I’m rather taken by the desktop app Tomighty as I can set it in the system tray and forget about it until it notifies me that the pomodori (or break) is over.

tomighty tomighty-break