Bringing Firefox Back!

Firefox has had no shortage of controversial security and privacy changes in recent memory. Frankly, the sum is enough to make you worry about the future of the browser itself. A few of Mozilla’s more interesting choices that come to mind are:

  1. Integrating Pocket (which it now owns)
  2. Selling advertising on new tab pages
  3. Choosing Yahoo over Google as their default search engine
  4. Marketing itself with connections to the Mr. Robot TV show

I’ve fielded more than one malware removal question after telling someone to “just search for and download 7-Zip” because of their multi-year default to Yahoo search. Try finding the legitimate download in Yahoo’s search results compared to Google’s!

With these fiascos now behind it, we’re left with but a few transgressions preventing it from being, if not as good as we’d fondly like to remember it, at least the only real competitor to Chrome. Without being able to travel back to simpler times where Firefox 3 and the Firebug browser extension brought web development to life for me, I’d have to say that Firefox has never been better. All that’s left is ditching Pocket and cleaning up the new tab screen.

Disabling Pocket

  • Visit about:config and search for / change “extensions.pocket.enabled” to “false”.

    Cleaning up the New Tab Page

  • Open a new tab and click on the Settings button. Uncheck all the options.

That’s it. Restart Firefox and rebel, rebel, rebel!